Wednesday, October 24, 2007


First, jet'aime means I love you in French, although spelt differently or purposely spelt wrongly. It would be pleasant to hear the words, especially from someone you love.

Actually, that's not the purpose of my blog. What I want to do mainly is to offer my service for a nominal fee to any graduate student who is currently about to plan writing a thesis, dissertation or simply any individual who wants to write a proposal to the bank or to anybody. Don't get me wrong, you have to write. I can only teach you how to write a winning thesis.

I have 30 years of experience as a researcher and a professor of management. I had supervised many masters and doctoral students who worked on their PhDs or DBAs. I have also worked as a Research Director in a private market research company. That means, I am very familiar with university or private market research techniques.

If you have any research problem, I love to help you.

Food for Thought

I have this strange thought about why people cannot easily accept qualitative research findings particularly results from focus group and one-to-one in-depth interviews. Certainly the findings from qualitative studies are not representative of the population because in the first place this research method is not intended to do so. Most important, however, qualitative research is intended for in-depth information, which is equally vital for decision-making. Findings from qualitative research offer behavioral information beyond superficial statistics, covering deep-rooted human psychological dispositions that provide insights towards explaining consumption behavior, perception towards brands, likes and dislikes about products and a host of other behaviors governing business and management. In-depth information on human behavior is also vital for decision making such that we do not have to guess in our action plans. It is even worse when we have to react instead of being proactive especially after somethings have already happened.

Being reactive is normally the managing style of many of our organizations. We only reacted to bus and ferry accidents after they had bitterly caused the lifes of innocent people. And just recently we wanted to do something, which could have been done a long time ago when our two policemen were short by thugs. Sometimes, one wonders when are we going to learn our lessons and be proactive instead of plain reactive.

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